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Traveling with Bitcoin

It is possible to travel only using Bitcoin. We will demonstrate how Bitcoin could be used, not only as a tradable digital commodity, but also a useful traveling currency.

This project is initiated in Bali, Indonesia – one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. We are targeting to convert a majority of merchants on this Island to accept Bitcoin. Soon you can come to Bali by only bringing Bitcoin.

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BitIslands is a social experiment that aim to make Bitcoin as Common Currency Worldwide

Convenience in Travel

Single Currency. No More Hassle.

Control your own money with Bitcoin

Secure, Safe and Transparent

Bitcoin Directory

Dena Shop

Need to find handmade bags for souvenirs? This shop can offer you any kind you want! This garment manufacturer is able to produce handmade bags, vest, shoes, etc. It’s located at the side of Legian Street in Bali and they accept Bitcoin as well as debit and credit cards. Come visit anytime you want and enjoy the arts of Bali!


Contact: Mr. I Nyoman Susila (+6287861274333 or +62361758140)

Address: Jl. Legian Tengah, Kuta

Island: Bali, Indonesia


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Yuly Atin Shop

Need to find Bali’s most unique accessories? Come visit Yuly Atin Shop at Legian Street! The friendly people here will offer you great goods and souvenirs items in the cheapest price you can find. It’s located right on the side of the street, across to Circle K mini market. Not only do they accept credit cards, you can also pay them with Bitcoin. It’s easy and simple, you can order by phone as well!

Contact: Mr. Harsono Brown (+6281338580891 or +6287860006347)

Address: ...

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Sagavin Shop

If you’re looking for a way to stop nightmares from occurring every time you go to sleep, then Sagavin Shop is the place you want to find! This shop creates various kinds of Dream Catcher to make sure you get the good night sleep you deserve. You can find it easily since it’s located at the side of Legian Street and they accept Bitcoin as well. The price range that these friendly guys offer is cheaper than any other shops ...

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Naruki Surf Shop

Looking for the best way to surf in Bali? Be sure to find everything you need in NARUKI–one of the best surf shops in the gang of Kuta! The friendly guys here will rent you a board, fix your ding, offer you some great advices or even give you lessons and tips to complete your surfing experience! It’s open from 10am to 10pm everyday, so make sure to drop by and ride the waves with Naruki Surf Shop!

Contact : +62-361-765772 ...

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Pure Immersions

More Than A Yoga Retreat in Bali


We work with people during a retreat in Bali because we believe it is the person with whom meaningful social change exists. We aim to support people to share their gifts, to connect to life purpose. What else is there?


The Mission

It’s time.  Without getting into some sort of diatribe about the “state of the world”, the ever-increasing complexity of planetary affairs, we’ll keep it simple — things ...

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Bitcoin Tour


For your travel convenience, we now provide arline, train and hotel reservations nationwide via Bitcoin or Rupiah payments. We provide competitive pricing with discounts up to 75% on Hotel Reservation via Bitcoin.

Book your tickets now !

Address : Legian Kaja no 455, Kuta - Bali

Phone : 0361 - 5520054

Email :


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Kaleidoscope Community House

Kaleidoscope CH – Where All Artist Gather and Share Ideas

Kaleidoscope Community House is a community project. We are a community of artists of all kinds and nationalities that thrives on connections and mutual support. Everyone participates, contributes, and benefits.  Kaleidoscope vision is creating a harmonious place for living in community spirit and freedom of creativity of all kinds. We now have managed to turn an 12 years ...

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Sepeda Bali & Cycling Recycling

‘Sepeda Bali’ offers you a unique cultural experience through full day cycling excursion guided by Balinese twins (Wayan & Ketut Kembar). Enjoy cycling tour along unusual bike path through exotic jungle rarely seen by tourists, viewing Mt. Batur, sampling local fruits fresh from the tree, seeing herbs and coffee plantation, and viewing rice fields. During lunch, you will be served with traditional balinese gourmet at the Twins family compound in Klungkung village, and then off to the white sand beach ...

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Mella’s Grocery

No more grocery shopping. No more driving back and forth, balancing heavy plastic bags on your scooter. Mella’s Grocery let’s you order your groceries online, and have them delivered to your door the next day.

Mella's Grocery - What We Are


Contact : +62 822 3781 9396 ( Mella Grocery)
Address : Ubud (Delivery Services)
Island : Bali, Indonesia
Website :




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LabDagaTi Legal Consulting

LabDagaTi legal consulting provides end-to-end solution, advisory and business services to assist personal and company for licenses and permits.

LabDagaTi Services include:

  • Business License and Permits
  • Public Notary for Agreement and Permits
  • Electricity – Upgrade and Expansion
  • Building permits for restaurant, cafe, shopping mall and hotel
  • Head hunting for human resources
  • Property Brokerage
  • Working Permits and Visa Kitas

Yes, you can pay all the services in Bitcoin

Contact : +62 812 3708 8913 ( P. Aryawati, SH) – please call for appointment
Address : Perum Dalung Permai, Blok UU no 13, Dalung, Kuta Utara
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