We believe this project will have significant impact on the Bitcoin Revolution, not just in Indonesia but also all over the world. There are three ways to support our Bitislands Project if you want to play a part in it.

Financial Support

This project is supported by Bitcoin.co.id – Indonesia Bitcoin Exchange as main sponsor. You can help us accelerate this project by sponsoring our project as well. If you are interested to become our official sponsor for this social experiment project please contact us.



Helping merchants to accept Bitcoin in Bali requires a lot of manpower and voluntary effort. You can help us by joining Bali Bitcoiners. Please contact us if you want to support by joining this group and contributing your manpower.


Spreading the News

Help us by spreading this project to all over the world and especially to all the Bitcoiners out there. Please ask them to visit Bali and bring their Bitcoins with them to enjoy the first experience of Bitcoin Tours in Bali.