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Cinta Bahasa provides Indonesian and Balinese Language Training in Private or Group Courses for adults and children, from Beginner level through Intermediate to and Advanced levels. We have 15 teachers at four locations in Bali, plus an Online Learning Center teaching students in many different countries to equip them with Indonesian language skills before they arrive.

In Indonesian language, Formal and Informal language are very different from one another. 95% of the time, Informal language is used, and 5% of the time, Formal language is used. If you only learn to speak Formal language, regular people will find your speech to be cold, distant and authoritarian, as the language is usually primarily used by politicians, military personnel and persons in positions of authority. However, other schools start by teaching Formal language, which is only heard in very rare and specific occasions.

What makes us so different from any other school is our methodology for teaching Indonesian Language to foreign learners. Unlike other schools in Indonesia, instead of overwhelming you in the beginning with grammar and awkward formal speech, at Cinta Bahasa you will learn the language that you will hear wherever you go in Indonesia. Of course we do teach formal language if and when it is needed. The results have been fantastic, with many students learning online from overseas and coming to learn with Cinta Bahasa at their main school in Ubud, or branch schools in Sanur, Canggu and Kuta.

Beginner Level: 40 Hours + Self-Study and Practice
Intermediate Level: 40 Hours + Self-Study and Practice
Advanced Level: Depends on Language Skills Required, up to 250 Hours total.

For each Indonesian Language Course, we provide our specially-designed textbook, printed flashcards, flashcard app for your computer/smartphone and audio learning materials so that you can continue to learn the language on your own outside of class.

For each Balinese Language Course, we provide our specially-designed textbook, flashcard app and a free DVD of BasaBali – a language learning program developed by to encourage the use of Balinese language.

There are several great things about Indonesian language. Firstly, it is written in roman letters, like many western languages. Secondly, words are spelled as they sound, so there is no confusing spellings. Thirdly, all verbs are in the present tense; past and future are described using the same verb tense. For example, in English we would say: “Yesterday I went to the store, now I go to the store and tomorrow I will go to the store.” In Indonesian, you would say: “Yesterday I go to store, now I go to store and tomorrow I go to store.” This simplicity allows for much more interesting uses for the language, which the Indonesians do very well.

Since we opened in 2011, over 3,000 people from all walks of life have chosen Cinta Bahasa as the place to study Indonesian language.


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