De’ Kahyangan Restaurant

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De’ Kahyangan Restaurant

Indonesian Rijstafel Set Menu :

Gado-Gado, mix vegetable with boiled egg, tofu and peanut sauce


SOUP – Choice of:
Soup Ayam, chicken soup
Pumpkin Soup, pumpkin soup with crouton


Sate Ayam, chicken satay with peanut sauce
Udang Goreng Mentega, fried prawn with butter sauce
Cumi Oncom, Cha Squid with Sweet Sauce
Ayam Bakar, chicken BBQ
Cumi Goreng Tepung, fried squid with flour
Telur Pinang, special boiled egg with sweet soya sauce
Cah Sawi, sauté Chinese cabbage
Cah Buncis, sauté green bean
Pokcay, sauté green vegetable with egg
Vegetable Kare, fried vegetable mix coconut milk
Tempe Kacang, soya bean peanut with sweet sauce
Tempe Tahu Asam Manis, tofu with sweet and sour sauce
Tempe Tepung, soya bean cake flour with soya sauce
Cah Kol, sauté cabbage
Keripik, crispy crunch
Tahu Kecap, tofu with sweet sauce
Ikan Tepung, fried fish with sweet sauce
Nasi Putih, white rice


Slice Fruit, water melon, papaya, and pineapple
Pudding, Indonesian style pudding


Coffee or Tea



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