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Welcome to the Garden of Life!

We are a Non-Governmental Organisation with the vision to preserve the beauty and magic of the island of Bali through the creation of a unique eco-monument, which will raise awareness of Bali’s environmental and social issues, fund charitable projects, and stand as a sustainable legacy.

Our Flower of Life is an architectural sculpture based on the principles of sacred geometry that unites people from all over the world under the banner of ecological and social responsibility. Individuals, groups and corporate businesses are invited to contribute to its construction and will be granted a hexagon engraved with their names and birth details in return, thereby becoming part of the biggest crowd-funded energy field on earth.

The eco-park and monument are intended to become a major tourist attraction, providing a peaceful, meditative, garden environment for visitors, and a unique location for cultural events. All revenues will be channeled into a whole range of local organizations and charities that work towards a better future for Bali.

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