Marina Srikandi

 Transportation  Denpasar

Marina Srikandi is a Fast Boat company which establised on December 5th 2010 in Bali-Indonesia. Our founder Mr. Muliadi Sukito saw great opportunities to grow tourism in Lombok especially Senggigi Beach Area and Gilis Island especially Gili Trawangan. He has 14 years experience on water transportation with his first route Bali-Lombok. With all experince he has, and much knowledge he knows during his career his idea become pioneer to provide Fast Boat as water transportation services for all tourist not only local but also international .

Nowdays we are not just providing transportation Bali-Senggigi-Gili but also, Sanur-Nusa Lembongan Island, Sanur- Nusa Penida Island, and the newest of our sevice is Negara (Bali) to Muncar (Java Island).
We provide provides water transport service with high standard performance of machine, luxurious facilities, and international standard of sailing.



As a moving bridge between two big islands and more.



Simplify and shorten time of water transportation system.

Providing safety and comfortable water trip with the latest technology.



When the speed, technology and luxury meet.



Marina Srikandi has great excellences that precisely satisfy your needs:

– 4 ready Fast boats and more upcoming new boats (on progress)

– Our boats can operate to all routes in Indonesia

– Our boats were designed specifically to handle the water current in Indonesia

– Flexible schedule for each destination

– Professional captains and crews

– Head-Office and 7 (seven) branches

– For your assurance, our trip is covered by PT. JASA RAHARJA PUTRA insurance in accordance with the Law No. 33 of 1964 jo. Government Regulation No. 17 of 1965 and Regulation of the Minister of Finance of Republic of Indonesia. No. 37/PMK.010/2008 regarding Passengers of Public Carrier Ferry/ Sea Crossings. (The insurance cover up to USD.50.000).

Until nowadays we known as the biggest fast boat company. With our company tagline “One Boat One Island” we will deliver you faster to each our destination island without docking which took long time in other island. We will serve you with delightful heart, to give you good experience during travelling with us.



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