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We work with people during a retreat in Bali because we believe it is the person with whom meaningful social change exists. We aim to support people to share their gifts, to connect to life purpose. What else is there?

The Mission

It’s time.  Without getting into some sort of diatribe about the “state of the world”, the ever-increasing complexity of planetary affairs, we’ll keep it simple — things have to CHANGE.

We feel it personally, experience it socially, and witness it globally.  We’re confused (WE as in– Sasha and Brad).  We feel let down by our cultural experience, unconvinced that what’s being “laid out” for us as a modern life path holds any meaningful relevance, and believe fully that life is entirely “more than what it seems”.

We’ve glimpsed the potential, seen the effects of “changing the story”, and felt the rhythm of supportive connectedness when challenging our own sense of comfort.

We’ve watched our world turn with a shift in perspective and believe this is possible for EVERYONE.  We’re not naive utopians– we’re real.  We get it.  It’s not easy.  And yet…there is no other way.

Change happens here.  With you.  With me.  With us.  Right now. 

Our ability to expand our sense of self, to tap into our gifts, and to take those gifts into conscious action within our communities is… The Mission.

We hope you’ll join in it with us.

The Vision

However, now that we have your attention, we’d like to offer a bit more about our vision.

There is a power in stepping outside “the norm”.  It’s the effect of pilgrimage, that human endeavor which has existed for centuries, giving humans an expanded encounter with the potential of life and the innateness of “who we are”.

When we leave what’s familiar, we’re not as conditioned to our habits, and can therefore step into something “new”.  This “newness” will be unique to the individual, but ultimately will be a more authentic sense of self (and self purpose).

Our vision is to provide the ground for this step to be made. 

And more than simply supporting a step in a different direction, we aim to give people an experience that says the unimaginable is now possible.

In order to do so, we…

  • Collaborate with teachers within varied fields of expertise delivering powerful messages and tools for the fulfillment of our mission
  • Engage in inspiring experiences of nature– awe-inspiring nature
  • Practice long-held traditions of self-awareness (yoga and meditation)
  • Learn ritual through the Balinese culture
  • Nourish our bodies with a delicious array of enriching food and luscious accommodation

You’re invited to participate in a Pure Immersion with us.

Our Program

Yoga + Nature Adventure + “Expert” Workshops + Ceremony and Ritual


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