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WELCOME to our fantastic studio!

And to a combined passion for jewellery, silversmithing and teaching with us!

We know people come on holiday to relax, but they also come to taste, to see and to learn new things and develop passions and talents. We are in the top 5 in things to do in Sanur while on holiday, but we feel like number 1 when we see the faces of the people that leave our studio after a day of creativity with us.

We offer workshops, classes and courses in silver jewellery making, that unite people with their creative mind, in a tropical setting that is Bali, the Island of The Gods.

What better way than to learn about (and express) your creativity through silver making? We tailor our workshops andcourses to suit all ages and we appreciate that most people think they are not creative. WE BELIEVE we are ALL in the process of unlocking talents.

Bali is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, but increasingly people are looking for more things to do here on the island that are cultural and interesting as well as fun. We call it learning and fun rolled into one!


1 – VALUE for money – We are slightly more expensive than other studios giving classes. Why? We are a professional studio that “teaches”…not “shows.” We teach you from the very beginning by demonstrating, but then every demonstration we do ….you follow ….and you will create what “you want” not what we want you to create. Our form of teaching is industry standard in the UK and here it is high above standard. We want you to achieve your dream ideas and walk away understanding about the time and effort that is needed to create, so you have a better understanding of value of a piece you may see in a jewellery shop window.

2 – Suitable for ALL ages – We treat kids like adults. They have as much talent (or more than) we do and we like to help them to achieve. We don’t mother, but we guide. We love people from all walks of life and ages and we can develop programs to suit you and your family to maximise your time here in the studio.

3 – A great CULTURAL and GROUP experience – When you are bored of lying next to the pool (maybe as a group of friends on holiday) and shopping til your head falls off, we can give you a day out that you will remember for a lifetime as a group too (private groups are also catered for). Our studio is perfect too for things to do in rainy weather in Bali if you are cooped up inside and need to get out and have some fun with friends or family or both!

4 – Skilled guidance and tuition – You deserve only the best and that’s what you get from us! Everything from a health and safety talk, guidance on design; on the differing shapes and thicknesses of silver you can combine, how it is created from pure silver to 925 so you can work with it in the workshop, informative and useful information on tools and styles of making. We hold your hand the whole way through to final polishing and take pictures for you to keep and to remind you of your amazing day out.

5 – FUN FUN FUN! – We LOVE seeing what people who think they have no talent come up with. We crack jokes, we dance, we smile and we have heaps of fun. It’s about letting go and really exercising your creative fun side. So join us!

We have classes and workshops for:

Adults and Kids Day Out (from 10 years and under and teen workshops)

Mum and Daughter Day Out

Stone Setting 2 Day Workshop

Luxury Day Out Pre Wedding or Ladies Group Day with bubbles and maincure

Lovers Package – for couples who want to make a special ring for each other

Taster Workshops include 5 grammes and Adult Workshops include 8 grammes

extra silver can be purchased for wholesale pricing at 12,000rp per gram


We are open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm. We are closed Sunday unless by special request – so if you are in a group we can discuss a private Sunday class

When you spend the day with us you get:

  • Great books to feast on at hand and sketch pads to sketch your masterpiece
  • Full design help on what is achievable in the time frame of the day
  • Tuition on tools and safety as well as techniques to help you along the way
  • A wonderful, healthy, tapas lunch to keep you going and give you the energy for creating

Why not do something creative while you are on the island, or surprise a loved one with a piece you made yourself OR even learn a trade and become a master jeweler yourself. Take a look at our courses to suit everyone.

We hope to see you here at our studio soon.


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