The Bali Recycling Company

 Beauty & Spa  Ubud

"We need to treat trash as a resource. There is no such thing as waste, everything should be seen as a potential resource."

A central part of our company is our system of resource recovery. Resource recovery is the practice of reclaiming materials that were previously thought of as unusable or “garbage”. It includes collecting, sorting, and processing materials that are viewed as waste and transforming them into the raw inputs used to create new products. Recycling and composting are the most common ways to recover resources, but we ‘upcycled’ glass bottles and plastics into cool products and more.

The Bali Recycling Co. is built on a foundation of sustainable actions. We analyze processes and create real solutions that help us reduce waste and pollution and preserve our island’s environment.This approach benefits our organization, the community and our business partners on many different levels. As the amount of materials we reclaim, jobs we create and services we provide increases, we are able to realize positive social, environmental and economic change.  It is an approach that will create an organization that has the foundation needed to flourish into the future. Our goal is to build a truly ‘Zero Waste’ system where waste is not waste but merely materials on the way to being used again and again and again.  Zero Waste is a philosophy and a design principle for the 21st Century.  It includes ‘recycling’ but goes beyond recycling by taking a ‘whole system’ approach to the vast flow of resources and waste through human society.  Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.


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